• Château Marlenheim
    Château Marlenheim
    Château La Petite Sorbonne Marlenheim
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    Maison à colombages
    Marlenheim maison à colombage
  • Marlenheim
    Arbres Marlenheim
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    Marlenheim centre
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  • Château Marlenheim
    Château Marlenheim
    Château détail Marlenheim

Old town, Church of Sainte Richarde, Chapel on the vineyard, park stork, wine trail


Major events

  • Wedding of l'Ami Fritz (14 and 15 August)
  • Harvest festival (3rd weekend of October)


A rich History

Marlenheim made its first mark on history in the early Middle Ages during the rule of the Merovingians; King Childebert II of Austrasia designated Marlenheim his place of residence in 589. 

In 1271 King Rudolph I of Germania beacame its sovereign.

The city of Strasbourg was ceded control over Marlenheim in 1672.

Like the rest of Alsace, Marlenheim found itself subject to numerous reciprocal shifts in national identity between 1870 and 1945, changing from French to German to French to German and back again at the end of Word War II.

A stroll through the old village gives visitors a glimpse into its centuries of architectural heritage: the sandstone tympanum of St. Richardis church (12th century), the turrested houses (16th century), the 17th century wells, the picturesque town hall and ubiquitous half timbered houses all bear witness to Marlenheim's mutifaceted history. 


To discover the city with fun, download the "Rally"