The Alsace Wine route

The northern Entrance !

The Alsace Wine Route has contributed to the fame of Alsace Wines for the past 60 years.

It winds 170 Km from the north (Marlenheim) to the south (Thann), passing through 70 wine growing villages, renonwned for being some of the most beautiful villages in Alsace.

Lett Discover a magnificent view of the wine region called Couronne d'Or.

In this area, the villages who belongs to the Alsace Wine Route: 

More about La Couronne d'Or: the vineyards of the Golden Crown:

The "Couronne d'Or" is a "crown" with 19 precious stones, decorating the head of the old fortification of Mount Scharrach.

For more than 1400 years, grape vines have been cultivated in this region near Strasbourg. The vineyards stretch over 1500 hectares, with four special "Grand Cru" locations: Steinklotz in Marlenheim, Altenberg in Bergbieten, Engelberg in Dahlenheim and Altenberg in Wolxheim.

A tour throught the "Couronne d'Or" means feeling the strength and finesse, the complexity and subtlety, the robustness and generosity and the richness and simlicity of Alsatian wines and their soil of origin. 

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Carte Route des Vins d'Alsace
Carte Route des Vins d'Alsace